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Rob Dunn, Owner of Bayou Closets
Rob Dunn - Owner of Bayou Closets

About Bayou Closets

Starting in 1988, Rob Dunn was keeping the wheels turning at California Closets, serving as CFO and VP Operations at the famous closet company's corporate offices in California. After the company's sale to Williams-Sonoma in 1991, Rob rejoined Neil Balter, California Closets' founder, to create Organizers Direct, bringing the same high quality storage solutions to market at a lower price point. But there, their stories begin to diverge.

Longing to return to his native New Orleans, in 2002, Rob decided to become a distributor of the Organizers Direct products he'd helped introduce and Bayou Closets was born, bringing his over 30 years of storage and design expertise to tame the closets of the Greater New Orleans and Southeast Louisiana markets.


Bayou Closets Van - Front

Bayou Closets Van - Back