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Custom Closets & Storage Organizers in Lewisburg, LA

Do you have a difficult time finding the clothes and accessories that you need for the day? Does it take a bit longer than you’d like, especially when your mind and body is trying to wake up from its comfortable slumber sleep? A Lewisburg custom closet with unique organizers can transform your each and every day, saving you time and frustration. 

Whether you have a master walk-in closet, small reach-in closet, kids closet, or even hall and linen closet, Bayou Closets in Lewisburg, Louisiana can help design and install the PERFECT storage system that will be both functional and beautiful. We will use our state-of-the-art 3D designing software to draft exactly what you want that will work for you, your family, and your budget.

Walk-in Closets

If you have an established home and a lot of clothes and bedroom items, the last thing you want happen is to not have enough space. Especially if you’re sharing a closet, you’ll want to make sure that you’re able to fully maximize the usability and customize it for each user. A custom master walk-in bedroom is the perfect solution. Here at Bayou Closets in Lewisburg, we will design and build affordable walk-in closets to fit your needs and that of your spouse as well (if you have one, of course).

Small Closets

The common misconception with “small closets” is that it may be too small to fit everything you need. Although traditional closets - with one hanging rod and a top shelf - is limited, a custom reach-in closet with storage organizers can increase your storage space by up to 50%! So whether your reach-in closet is deep or narrow, or even a hall or linen closet, we will optimize every inch of your storage space.

Kids’ Closets

Let’s face it… trying to teach children how to organize their rooms can be quite the challenge, especially when the ideal custom closets are not in use. The kids’ closet designs at Bayou Closets in Lewisburg are fully-adjustable, meaning, as your child grows, their closet can adjust accordingly! Children grow fast and if you want to teach them at a young age how to stay organized, make it easier on yourself and give them something that is both functional and adaptable.

Closet Armoire

So what do you do if your closets are either too small to fit all of your belongings or worse, you don’t have a closet for yourself? Get closet armoires. They are freestanding closets and will solve all of your storage limitations. You can turn a wall into a closet if you wish. Along with the many ways to utilize the freestanding wardrobe cabinet system, we have many styles and finishes to choose from to fit the decor of your home. With closet armoires, there’s virtually no reason not to be organized. 

If you’re in the Lewisburg, LA area and could benefit from better closets and storage spaces, then call Bayou Closets today and schedule your FREE in-home design & consultation!