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2 Simple Secrets Of Successful Home Office Organization | New Orleans

You know what good home office organization looks like. It doesn't include piles of books and file folders on the floor, papers strewn about the desk, half a dozen pens hiding underneath those papers. You look at your office, see the state it's in and decide to do something about it.

You probably hear the clichés: start small, one step at a time, create a new habit, and stuff like that. You try it and maybe see it work for two or three days or even a week or two. However, once you see some improvement you lose the motivation to keep at it. Does this sound like you?

Home Office Organization Starts With 2  Simple Things | New Orleans

The truth is all the good habits in the world aren't going to help you if your office isn't set up to facilitate good home office organization. You can spend countless hours working on habits that might transform themselves naturally.

Or you can dedicate one weekend or a couple of days to remodeling your home office with an eye looking specifically at improving organization and storage. Once you do this, applying all those good organization habits will be a breeze... and so much easier to establish and maintain. Without further ado, let's get into it.

1. Your Office Desk

The first simple secret of successful home office organization starts with your desk. Take a look at your desk. Is there enough shelving for everything? Do you have an open space for paper trays? If you have papers lying around everywhere, then you're probably a person predisposed to having things lying around at your desk. This isn't a bad thing. You want as many items as possible within an arm's length, you just don't want it buried.

Sit down at the desk you have now and look at it. Is there a better design that will allow your clutter to have its own place? On the other hand, if you want to remove the clutter from your desk area but simply have trouble finding the motivation in the moment, maybe you should consider a smaller desk to limit the clutter space available.

You know yourself and how you work. Before you try to will yourself into better home office organization, ask yourself if you have the right desk.

2. Home Office Cabinets

Maybe the desk isn't the problem, though. Maybe everything's gravitating toward your desk because it doesn't have any place else to go. Do you have sufficient storage throughout your home office? The answer in all likelihood is probably no.

If so, then it's time to put in some new home office cabinets. Chances are if your work area is overrun with clutter, it doesn't need to be on-hand. It's nearly impossible to have too many home office cabinets.

You can even install smaller cabinets on the wall to preserve a feeling of space in the room. Wider, floor cabinetry will get those bulky items off the floor and away from the work area. Modular cabinets will allow you to create custom spacing for awkward items for an affordable installation price. You can also use the closet in the office and invest in organizers there for extra items.

You Owe It To Yourself

You owe it to yourself to have all the advantages that come with working in a well organized comfortable and functional home office. Sometimes the simple step of calling a design consultant that specializes in this area can help simulate a whole new realm of inspirational ideas for home office organization, helping to give new life, energy and productivity to your home office space.

For those living in the New Orleans area, you have an exclusive opportunity today to receive a FREE IN-HOME design & consultation for your home office.

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