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3 Closet Organization Steps to Reduce Stress & Overwhelm

Having an organized custom closet that’s tailored to your needs will increase your productivity in your workflow, gives you a daily “peace-of-mind”, and by clearing the clutter, you’ll be able to think clearer as well.

When you walk into a cluttered house or area, what immediately happens in your mind? Do you feel relaxed? Do you find it easier to stop the mind from racing? The more things you have in your life that are unorganized, the more overwhelmed and stressed you’ll be as a result.

Closet Organization - Clear Your Space, Clear Your Mind

The best place to start decluttering is the place you feel the safest in your home - your bedroom. Some would call the bedroom a sacred space since it’s generally where you go to unwind and stay in for about 1/3 of your life (8/24hr). So let’s explore different ways to organize your closet as that tends to have the most clutter.

Declutter Your Closet Storage 

The first step of any closet organization project is to declutter your closet storage. This is generally the most difficult part starting out because that involves sorting your items into 3 categories of boxes: Keep, Sell, Donate. Afterward, you’ll want to begin planning your custom closet to optimize every inch of your storage capacity - that will depend on the size of your closet.

Northland Closet & Garage shares how to best declutter your closet in their article called, "Three Life-Changing Tips For Organizational Bliss". It shares how organizing your closet all at once may be a daunting task so it may be more realistic to declutter 10 - 15 minutes at a time at first. Also, by gradually getting rid of your older clothes, you can have more room for newer clothes.

Determine Size of Your Closet

Depending on whether you have a master walk-in closet, small closet, kid’s closet or none at all, your approach to the planning process will vary. It will also depend on how much you plan on storing as well. In the case that your closet space won’t be large enough, consider having a free standing closet - closet armoires. If you do have a walk-in closet, your options will open up making it easier to install tall cabinets with doors, clothes hampers, vertical ironing boards and more. 

Strategically design your ideal closet

Most closets use only a single rod for clothes hangers. Consider having 2 of them - one above the other - if you have a lot of clothes to hang. If you wear dresses, try lowering the hanging rods and utilizing the upper area for additional shelves that are not impossible to reach. To maintain balance in the design, you can center the drawers if you have a smaller closet, where most of your accessories will be. If all of your accessories won’t fit, there are additional closet organizers, such as belt and tie racks that won’t take up much extra room and can be easily accessed. 


Closet Organization is a commonly overlooked element, yet highly effective to having a relaxed consciousness. Although there’s a lot of emphasis on accumulation and consumption in the advertising world, the best investments are to aid in decreasing and minimizing clutter - it’s about simplifying your life rather than endlessly adding to it. If you’re going to add to your wardrobe, try using the 1/3rd rule - buy 1/3 less clothes but spend 2-3 times more on quality that will last longer and will be used more frequently. 

We at Bayou Closets understand that designing a strategic custom closet organizer can be a big project - adding to the stress and overwhelm, not to mention installation. That’s why we offer a Free In-Home Design & Consultation to help spark your imagination and set your realistic custom dream closet into motion.

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