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Checklist To Simplify Your Closet Cleanout

Maintaining the habit of mess and clutter is no excuse and let’s be honest, there is no benefit other than the illusion of a benefit of having an excuse. But to be fair, we all have started here and have to come up with a solution. Sometimes, we need some advice or some encouragement to start the closet clean out and that is exactly why this article is going to make it super easy for you. Here’s a great checklist that if you follow, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to get started.

Sorting Your Closet Cleanout

Doubting the fashion? Throw it out
If you’re questioning the style of some of your clothes and hope that one day it will be back in fashion, donate them.

Haven’t been worn in the last 12 months? Donate
How many of your clothes haven’t you worn in the past 12 months? Sure, you can tell yourself you’d like to keep one or two… but let’s be honest - that logic will probably extend to every clothes you encounter. Get rid of it.

Too big or too small
Are some of your clothes too big or too small - using the before and after category? Keep the clothes that you believe may fit you in the next year, but you’ll have to be honest with yourself. This includes your shoes!

Sentimental Items? Throw or not?
Look, if a clothing item makes you feel good such as your wedding dress, prom attire, or anything that has a deeper meaning for you, you CAN keep it. Just box them up and throw them in storage (like in your garage overhead storage).

Missing Pieces to Your Clothes
Lost a button? Clothes need repairing? Make it a priority, schedule it in your action item to take care of within the next few days. However, if you lost a matching pair of socks… you know where I’m getting at - just toss it.

Seasonal Clothes
Is it summer time and you still have all your jackets and coats in your closet? Store them away in storage containers with labels.

General Pro Tip for Overflow
Want to keep your closet maintained? A great way to do it is to take away one article of clothing when you add one.

Maintaining Newfound Order

Clean-cut Laundry Process
It’s easy for your clothes to form a pile, laundry after laundry. What tends to happen? The pile is huge, you have wrinkles on every article of clothing and when you think about ironing, how do you feel? Yea, forget it. Put your clothes away directly after your laundry comes out the dryer and do your ironing then for clothes that need it. An option is to iron your clothes as you need them, but then you’re living a life that’s always behind and playing catchup. This seemingly small situation spreads to the rest of your life and becomes your habit.

Intuitive Workflow
What generally helps make your organization not only functional but sustainable for the long term, is to store your clothes in an innovative and intuitive way. If you have an option of keeping your shoes, jackets and other outerwear in a closet organizer next to the door, DO IT. If you have a custom closet with cabinets, shelves, and other organizers, think through and categorize your clothes.

Keep your dress-up clothes, casual and work clothes separate if possible. Get closet accessory organizers to keep your items like belts, ties, jewelry, and shoes neatly organized. While you plan out how you’re going to either reconfigure your closet organization or to build a new and much-needed custom closet, imagine yourself going through multiple scenarios of how you use your closet and explore possible improvements in the flow.


Although there are a lot of ways you can organize your closet, there are a few fundamentals to consider. First, is to overcome procrastination and just take action. Second, your ability to organize is restricted to the resources and organizers you have. Therefore, either be creative or just get a custom-built closet that’s designed to suit your needs.

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