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How a Closet Armoire Can Give You More Space

Do you suffer from a lack of closet space? This is not an uncommon issue for homeowners in Louisiana, particularly those who have older homes. Even people with newer homes might find that they simply do not have enough storage space. The good news is that a closet armoire might be exactly the answer you have been searching for in your quest to add more storage space to your home. Here are some ways that a closet armoire can give you more space in just about any room of your home.

Closet Armoires in the Bedroom

Whether the master bedroom or children’s bedrooms, a lack of closet space can lead to disorganization in the entire room. Consider what happens when you don’t have enough room for all of your clothing and shoes: These items end up in the main part of the room. Maybe you pile clothing on a chair or even in baskets because there simply isn’t enough room in the closet to accommodate all of the items. Shoes end up on the floor of the room itself, where you can trip on them or step on them, damaging the shoes or even injuring yourself. 

A closet armoire can give you more room for this overflow. A hanging rod in the top section allows you to hang items that shouldn’t be folded, while drawers down below give you space for jeans, sweaters, and other belongings that don’t hang up well. A custom armoire can also be configured with space for shoes, belts, jewelry, and other accessories, keeping these items contained and handy. If you don’t have enough closet space in one or more bedrooms, consider adding an armoire to help keep the space neat and organized.

Custom Closet Armoire

Closet Armoires in the Hallway

Even large, new homes often have minimal closet space in the hallways, so it is not a surprise that places like entryways and bathroom linen closets tend to become cluttered. 

A closet armoire in the entryway combines beauty and function. A hanging rod allows you and other family members to hang jackets and other outerwear. Hooks in the top section are also a great place to hang backpacks and tote bags so they don’t clutter up surfaces. A cabinet at the bottom is the perfect place to store shoes and boots. An armoire placed next to a bench in a side entry area creates a mudroom without the need to carve out extra space.

If you don’t have enough room in a linen closet, an armoire can be an answer to this problem, too. A large bathroom can accommodate one inside the room itself, but if you have a smaller bathroom, the armoire might fit better in the hallway. Fill it with towels, sheets, extra toiletries, medications, and anything else that you might keep in a linen closet.

Closet Armoires in the Den or Playroom

Rooms that typically don’t have closets include a den or a playroom. These are areas where extra storage space would be helpful; unfortunately, closets are not often built into these places in the home. Here, again, an armoire can come to the rescue.

Do you have trouble finding a place for the board and card games that your family enjoys? Maybe you or someone else in your family likes crafts but the supplies are taking over the space. Or perhaps you need a place to stash your collection of movies, music, video games, remote controls, and so on. An armoire can meet all of these needs and more. 

If you use this space as an impromptu guest area when you have overnight visitors, keeping a drawer or two free can also allow you to offer this space to your guests for their clothing and other belongings. They will be thankful not to have to live out of a suitcase for the time they are with you. If you are using the armoire for guests, keeping some extra blankets and pillows in the top section is a great way to help visitors feel comfortable and cozy. And do you know what pairs extremely well with an armoire in a room that does double-duty as a guest room? A Murphy bed. Check out this piece on The Ups and Downs of a Murphy Bed to learn more about how a wall bed can allow you to offer hospitality more often.

More Ideas for Your Closet Armoire

As your family grows, it is natural for your storage needs to change. One advantage of having a closet armoire is that it is movable. You might start off with it in one room of the home and then decide later to move it to a different area. You can also add and subtract features; for example, if you start off with a hanging rod to use the piece in a bedroom, you might decide to remove that if you end up using it in your craft room. 

An armoire can add to the visual appeal of your home. Of course, it will reduce clutter, which will go a long way in improving the look of your space. But in addition to that, you can choose a finish that will either complement or nicely contrast with your current decor. You can add decorative baskets to the top, adding even more storage space along with appeal, or you can use an open space to hold antiques, books, or a plant. Because the armoire will be up against a wall, it will add not only unobtrusive storage space but also a place to add a bit of your own personality to the room where it’s being used.

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