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How to Design Innovative Custom Closets and Cabinets

When it comes to upgrading your closet and cabinets, there are a few ways you can go about it: DIY or Hiring a Professional. How you decide which way to go will depend on a few main factors: skillset, available time, proper high-quality materials, and finances. Of course, there are other considerations such as your desire to spend the time and effort on this project and how professional you want your DIY custom closet to turn out.

To help you decide, let’s look at what makes a closet design innovative, and what goes into an innovative closet and cabinet design.

Defining Innovation for Custom Closets and Cabinets

Innovation is more than just functionality - what makes closet designs innovative is its effectiveness at enhancing other areas to increase user-friendliness and the optimization of space. In other words, the purpose of a closet is more than just to store your clothes. How you organize and stylize it to make an impact evokes a natural sense of calmness and peace-of-mind, which is the deeper yearning that we all have.

There’s a reason that innovation has been the driving force of humanity - it’s to help not only simplify our lives from the ever increasing complexity of it all, but to strive for the “Feng Shui” feeling. According to the Dictionary - Feng Shui refers to a system of “laws” considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy (qi) - and this energy is the deeper innate sense that we are all pulled towards especially at the subconscious level.

Components of an Innovative Custom Closet Design

Since design is a form of art, everyone may essentially have their own way to come up with a beautiful closet design. On that note, the process below is a foundational starting point in which you can certainly expand on.

First, identify what will be going into the closet

In order to know how to design your closet, you’ll first need to know what clothes and items you want to store. This one can seem pretty obvious but during the design process, it may be tempting to get EVERYTHING and find out later you have no use for certain closet accessories. So identify the items and categorize them (shirts, pants, jewelry, ties, belts, hamper, etc).

Identify what storage options are available

Once you know all the categories of items, you’ll want to find out what closet storage organizers are available to include in your closet design. Check out our closet page here to get jot some ideas down. Some organizers include cabinets, shelves, drawers, hanging rods, tie & belt racks, jewelry organizers, and even folding ironing boards.

Identify the most intuitive workflow of placement of storage organizers

The intuitive workflow for every person may differ and thus, their closet designs can also differ. Depending on your closet shape, size and placement relative to the room, your closet design can vary drastically. Also, the category of clothes can have a huge impact as well. For instance, you may want to separate your work clothes from the clothes you wear at home or even for social outings.

What if you can separate all of them in a way that is functional for you? What if in your ideal closet, you have space for your shoes, hats, and ironing board. How can you place them intuitively so that your work “flows”. This is where having a closet design consultant can make a huge difference on your overall custom closet design because they specialize in what they do - thus, your design can be tailored to your specific needs better than what the average joe can do.

Zoom out and check off your design checklist

So after you have a general idea of how you may want your closet organized, it’s time to zoom out and make sure the design covers the essentials that you’d want in a custom closet design. Here are a few items: visual balance, matching finish & style, balancing of closed and open cabinets, all categories of clothes considered for, and identify any room to better optimize the use of space. Do you need an open shelf space free of clothes for decoration, picture frames and candles? Where would they go? Create the checklist and run it through your design.


As you can see, creating an innovative custom closet and cabinet design is much more than just creating a system to store your clothes. If you’re going to start that type of project, do it right from the beginning to avoid regrets in the future. Find a local custom closet installer and designer to help you design your dream closet.

If you’re in the New Orleans area, you’re in luck because here at Bayou Closets, we offer Free in-home Design and Consultation. Unlike most closet companies, we create a 3D design on a computer so you can get a good visual before agreeing to the installation! Contact us today.


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