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How to Organize the Kitchen Pantry

If your kitchen pantry is disorganized, you aren’t alone. Because the pantry is an area that is accessed by every member of the household several times per day, it’s common for it to get a bit messy and cluttered. In addition to heavy use, a pantry often has to hold all different sorts of items, from soup to nuts (literally), as well as paper goods, small appliances, and sometimes even your pots and pans. The good news is that you can take some simple steps to bring organization into the kitchen pantry. Set aside a bit of time and try some of these tips to take control of your pantry.

Be Sure You Can Reach Every Corner

One of the most frustrating parts of pantry disorganization is that it’s often hard to see and reach into the back corners. The result is that items can get lost or forgotten about until they expire, at which point you find them and end up throwing them away. Making sure that you can see and access every item in your pantry can prevent food waste. This is good for the environment and for your wallet.

One way you can take advantage of corner space is to put in a lazy Susan. Use it for your spices, packets, snacks, or just about anything else. Everything is easy to see and grab because you can just give it a spin to assess what you have in the corner. 

Another good product to consider is a pull-out shelf. Not limited only to the corners, a pull-out shelf allows you to physically pull items toward yourself so the problem of having inaccessible items in the back of the pantry is eliminated. 

Custom Kitchen Pantry Storage System

Take Advantage of Wall Space

Most pantries have shelves going from a foot or two off of the floor to a couple of feet below the ceiling. There is also wall space on either side of the pantry that is often forgotten about. You can use this space to your advantage by installing hooks, a small shelf, a spice rack, or another type of organizers. Some items that can be stored on a wall include single-serve snacks for kids’ lunches, boxes of ziplock bags and plastic wrap, or even some of your pans if you have room to hang them against that wall. 

While you're maximizing your vertical space, don’t forget about the back of the pantry door. If you have a bi-fold door or a pocket door, this wouldn’t work, but a regular pull-open door has ample space for storage. Use hooks, an over-the-door shoe organizer, or even the type of organizer you’d hang in a shower to make room for a variety of items.

Use Stackable Bins

If you have a kitchen pantry that hasn’t been customized, your shelves are probably all the same distance apart. Boxes of cereal might fit well within the space, but items like canned goods, pasta, and jars are often too short to fill the space well. This is where stackable bins come in handy. If you can fit two or more bins stacked one on top of the other, you can effectively double your storage space. Place the items in the bins, stack them, and it’s almost as though you have another shelf installed to make better use of the space.

Kitchen Pantry Installation

Harness the Beauty of Consistency (but only if you want to!)

You’ve probably seen images of beautifully organized pantry shelves, and they often use consistency as a theme. Foods might be stored in glass jars, plastic containers, baskets, or boxes. You might see that all of the bins on one shelf are red while all of the bins on another shelf are yellow. Some people truly enjoy bringing the beauty of consistency to their storage spaces, including their kitchen pantry.

If that is appealing to you, then go for it! Look for storage products that you can use that bring not only function but also beauty to the space. If you don’t want to get that involved, though, that’s fine, too. There is no rule that every shelf in the pantry has to be beautifully arranged or that every container should be the same. The key is to make the pantry more usable so you waste less food and have more time to enjoy doing what you like rather than looking for ingredients that are misplaced or stored in a disorganized manner.

Hire a Professional Pantry Organizer

If you are struggling with your pantry organization and you live in the New Orleans area, contact Bayou Closets for help. Our professional closet organizers would be happy to meet with you in your home to take a look at your pantry space. You’ll get a free consultation that includes a free design, so you’ll be able to see how pull-out shelves, storage organizers, and solid wood shelving can make a big difference in your pantry. You have nothing to lose, so call today!

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