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How to Properly Arrange the Clothes in Your Closet

Don’t let your unruly closet become the bane of your existence. Having a well-organized space with your shoes, clothes, and accessories all stored neatly will boost your mood and improve the look of your entire abode. 

It’s time to conquer that clutter and get organized. A crucial step to getting the most out of your custom closets is to make sure that your clothes are properly arranged in order to maximize your storage potential. Here are some handy tips for taking control and creating an appealing space for you and your wardrobe: 

  • Take everything out and sort into three piles - toss, keep, and donate
  • Evaluate your closet’s organizational potential - even small ones can be mighty
  • Bring in innovative storage options for delicate items or bulky seasonal wear
  • Purchase good-quality hangers - yes, really, your clothes will thank you 
  • Invent your system and stick with it

A messy closet can leave you feeling overwhelmed and irritated because you’re running late for work and are unable to locate your favorite sweater. But never fear - just keep reading for all of the information you need to make sure your clothes are stored beautifully and efficiently. 

Everybody Out

Your first move when organizing is to take everything out. Start separating the items you’ve taken out into three smaller sections - things to throw away, things to donate to charity, and the pieces that you can’t bear to part with. Don’t be shy - now is the time to eradicate anything that is beyond repair. Clothes that don’t fit your style anymore but are clean and free of damage will be greatly appreciated by local charitable organizations. Only keep clothes, shoes, and accessories that you care about. 

If you’re unsure at any point about what to keep and what to send on to a new life, the popular blog MakeSpace has a clever decluttering flowchart to help you make the right decision. 

Nobody likes doing laundry but it’s a necessary task. It’s important to start a closet revamp with only clean clothes. Dirty garb can have stains that attract pests or cause odors to develop. Ensure everything stays smelling fresh and clean by doing your laundry promptly, and not storing dirty clothes or shoes inside your lovely custom closets. 

Custom Closet System

Creative Storage

Once your closet is empty, give it a nice, deep clean. Get rid of dust in every nook and cranny and bring in some extra light so you can make sure there are no hidden issues. Now you can determine exactly what you need to organize your remaining apparel. Do you envision a color-coordinated paradise, a temple of footwear, or the grab-and-go ease of a capsule wardrobe? 

House Beautiful suggests that you organize your clothes by season, rotating things to the front of your closet every three months or so and moving off-season gear out of the way. Utilizing clear plastic bins to store clothes and accessories by season will enable you to display more of what you’re wearing right now so it’s a breeze to pick the perfect outfit for every occasion. 

Most houses in New Orleans offer closets on the smaller side, but you can still have a rock star wardrobe with these smart storage ideas:

  • Under the bed bins are perfect for coats, sweaters, and other seasonal garments.
  • A small or medium-sized closet armoire can serve multiple purposes - store jewelry and accessories on top, and divided drawers offer plenty of real estate for lingerie, pajamas, and athleisure clothing. 
  • Use your vertical space! 
  • Hooks and mounted racks can be a lifesaver - belts and scarves can be displayed safely out of the way.
  • A behind-the-door shoe rack will keep your footwear looking great.

For clothes that are traditionally folded, like shirts and pants, consider rolling these instead of folding - this is definitely a space saver and will help keep your clothing wrinkle-free. Check out WikiHow for detailed videos on the best ways to roll practically any garment.

Custom Closet System

Hang It Up

It might seem like an unimportant detail, but using the proper hangers will help you enjoy your clothes longer. Expensive suits and formal wear deserve sturdy wooden hangers that help maintain their shape. Cedar ones keep bugs away and add a pleasing woodsy scent to your closets. Padded hangers are an absolute essential for delicates and strappy tops. Plastic hangers with strong attached clips are ideal for skirts, and multi-tiered pants hangers efficiently save space while keeping your things organized and looking great. 

Stick With Your System

You’ve got your storage solutions and your plan of attack, now it's time to bring it all together. Get the out-of-season items like coats and boots safely tucked away, then fill your shoe racks, keeping the ones you wear the least in the top rows and your favorites toward the bottom. 

Try not to store anything at all on the floor- not only does that encourage pests by providing a hiding space, but it will also make your whole space seem cluttered. 

Next, fill your drawers or storage bins with your underwear, hosiery, sleepwear, and rolled-up shirts and exercise togs. Sweaters can be neatly folded, and pants, dresses, and other business wear can be hung on rods. Organize your wardrobe by color or by function to make choosing an outfit easier. 

Don’t forget your accessories - ties, scarves, handbags, and things like that can take up a lot of valuable room. The Spruce has several brilliant ideas on how to keep those items in check and ready for use. 


Updating your closet with a new organization system can seem like a daunting task, especially if your closet is not so large. But it’s actually a breeze if you just take it one step at a time. Take everything out, ditch anything you don’t love, and invest in some clever storage options to properly arrange your clothes, and soon you’ll have Instagram-ready killer closets!


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