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Inspirational Closet Storage Ideas For Better Organization

“Opening up your closet should be like arriving at a really good party where everyone you see is someone you like”  - Amy Collins

So what’s behind your closet doors? Are there neat piles of folded clothes, color coded hangers and organized rows of shoes? Or is your closet bulging and squished full with toppling stacks of t-shirts, and a spider web of clothes on hangers looking like a tribe of drunken monkeys held a party in there and forget to invite you?

Many of us would prefer to have the first scenario but end up living with the second. However, with so many affordable and ingenious closet organizing solutions available today, it is much easier than you think to upgrade your closet to scenario number one no matter what size space you have.

Get Your Clutter Under Control and Reclaim Your Closet Organization

No one intentionally sets out to lose control of their closet, but it happens. The clothes slip off the hangers and fall to the floor, the shoes get thrown in, and before you know it you have created a cocktail soup of couture on the floor of your closet.

Our closets are something we use on a daily basis, yet despite that interaction, our closet can quickly become one of the most cluttered places in our homes if we don’t set in place some effective organization strategies to prevent it getting out of hand. If you’re ready to reclaim your closet space, we’ve gathered the best ideas in the industry for inspiring better organization to help you take back your closet, once and for all!

Just Start 

One of the biggest obstacles most people face in getting organized is just getting started. So, take a deep breath and find an area you know you can really dig into today. Maybe it’s going through your t-shirts. Maybe it’s re-organizing your shoes. Whatever it is, don’t let the size of the task intimidate you.

Remove Everything

It may seem like you’re just relocating the mess from one area to another, but this will actually help you sort your entire wardrobe in one go and you will be much better able to determine what to keep or throw out. Essentially create 3 piles; Keep, Donate and Throw Out and as your remove each item choose which pile it needs to go in.

Assess The Space

While your closet is empty, take this time to work out how best to use the space you have. In closet organizer systems and storage solutions will make it easier for you to keep things organized. Whether it’s purchasing extra storage baskets, installing extra shelves or completely restructuring your closet design. Think about how you can improve your storage space.

Quality Hangers

There’s a reason why metal hangers are dirt cheap - because they are practically useless for the proper care and organization of your clothes. Do yourself a favor, for around $30 or less, invest in some quality hangers that are not only adaptable to hang all your different items of clothing but will make more efficient use of the hanging space and preserve your garments better. 

Color Code Your Clothes

Many experts suggest that organizing your clothing by color is one of the best ways to keep your closets organized. It can also help you cut down on excess clothing. This way you’ll be able to pick an outfit quickly, and you’ll be able to discard more items you obviously never wear.

Organized Shoe Storage

Whether it's a shoe rack, a shoe hanger for your door or a purpose-built shoe cube shelving, get your shoes properly organized. Store shoes facing the front toe-to-heel so you can find them easier. For shoes you never wear, now is the perfect time to donate them along with the clothes you no longer want.

Face Your Hangers Backwards 

This very popular and neat little trick will make you wonder how you lived without it. Once you’ve gone through your clothes and replaced the items you want to keep back in your closet, hang your hangers backwards. When you wear the item, hang the piece back up with the hanger facing the “correct” way. If in 6 months to a year in the hanger still faces backwards, you’ll know to donate that piece.


If your closet doesn’t have a light fixture, take the time to install one. Good lighting in your closet will help make things easier to see and add some nice ambiance to your space.

Get Hooked

Use hooks to hold purses, bags, and any other items to keep your floor space free. Valet hooks are also a champion way to hold clothing in transition or for preparing your outfit the night before. 

Drawer Dividers 

Use drawer dividers, even clear shoe boxes will do the job, to store and divide things like underwear and socks. Not only does this utilize your space better, but it will prevent different items from getting mixed together.

Hat Baskets

If you have a handful of hats sitting around, consider storing them in baskets or bins rather than letting them sit on shelves. Don’t want to use baskets? Then perhaps install some dedicated hat hooks to keep them off the floor and from losing their shape.

Double Hanging Rod

It goes without saying that a double hanging rod will literally double your hanging space for clothing that needs vertical closet space. It also helps you to group items in color and style more effectively.

Accessory Organizer 

Try using the vertical wall space or the back of a door in your closet for hanging an accessory organizer to prevent the loss of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. It will also make choosing the right accessory to match your outfit much easier.

Get A Professional Designer To Help

If some of these tips have inspired you to organize your closet and you would like the assistance of a custom closet designer to help you achieve your storage goals, then call the expert team at Bayou Closets and schedule a No-Obligation FREE In-Home Design Consultation today.

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