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Is a Custom Laundry Room Worth It?

Whether you love it or you dread it, everyone has to do laundry. What if there was a way for you to keep your laundry room well-organized and the items that you needed dust-free? If you struggle with keeping your laundry room in good order or in staying caught up with your washing, drying, ironing, and folding, you are not alone. You might wonder about whether a custom laundry room organization system is worth the expense. After all, it isn’t a place that you spend a lot of time, and depending on our preferences, you might not even enter the laundry room more than once or twice per week. Read on for some thoughts on whether a custom laundry room might be worth it in your case.

Separating Made Simple

When family members do not separate their clothing properly, it can lead to frustration. How many times have you found a red sock mixed in with the whites? A custom laundry room gives you the space you need to separate the entire family’s laundry. You won’t have each member of the family attempting to separate it with baskets in the bathroom or the bedroom. You also won’t have that one big hamper that holds everything.

Your custom laundry room organizer can install tall, wide shelves to hold laundry baskets full of clothing. Simply slide out the correct basket depending on the color or fabric type of the item in your hand. When you separate clothing by type, you will save water (from not having each individual person washing small loads of laundry) and you can also oversee the entire process. This makes it simpler to keep your whites white, your brights bright, and your sheets and towels separated from the rest of the wash.

Custom Laundry Room Cabinets

A Place for Folding

Maybe your biggest challenge comes after the clothes are clean. Do you have clean, unfolded laundry stacked up on furniture? Maybe you mean to get it done on the couch in the den but instead it just sits there. Maybe the rest of your family avoids the den now because there’s no place to sit! Or worse, you might dump all of the clean laundry on your bed, but then you end up throwing it all on a chair or even on the floor when bedtime rolls around and you haven’t yet had a chance to get it all folded. This is a common issue affecting many busy families.

A flat, clean surface in the laundry room can be your answer. You can have a laundry-folding table installed that will give you a place to fold your clothes as soon as they come out of the dryer. When it’s just one basket of items, the folding takes only a few minutes. You might think you don’t have room for a table in the laundry room, particularly if this area of your home is small. The good news is that you can install a pull-down table that sits against the wall most of the time. When you are ready to use it, just fold it down and fold your clothes. Once the clothing is removed, it will go right back into place, where it will be out of the way. A fold-down ironing board can serve the same purpose, giving you a place to either iron or fold, depending on what you need with the items coming out of the dryer.

Keeping Laundry Aids Dust-Free

Even if you are meticulous about keeping the rest of your home dust-free, you might struggle to keep your laundry room white-glove ready. Your dryer produces lint, which flies around in the air, coating everything with a thin layer of dust if left unchecked. While it’s easy enough to wipe off the washing machine and dryer regularly, it’s inconvenient to have to wipe down your laundry detergent, clothespins, stain pretreatment spray, and so on.

Keeping these items in laundry room cabinets can help keep them dust-free. Bayou Closet laundry room cabinets are wall-mounted for stability and a perfect fit (they can go right above your washer and dryer). They can bear loads of 100 lbs and the hardware is rust-resistant stainless steel, so you won’t need to worry about the humidity in the laundry room.

Custom Laundry Room Organizer System

Hanging Clothes on a Rainy Day

During the hot, rainy summer, you might find it difficult to hang your clothing outside to dry. While using the dryer is a perfectly acceptable alternative, it’s not appropriate for every type of fabric. If you have clothing that must be hung to dry (or you simply prefer it that way), having a hanging rod installed in the laundry room can make the task so much more convenient. Hanging your clothes indoors can eliminate the chances of mud or insects ending up on your clothing, and downpours are not an issue.

Your pull-down folding table is another feature that’s handy here. Fold it down and lay out your sweaters and other items that must dry flat. You can say goodbye to pulled shoulders and procrastinating about washing these items due to a lack of space for laying them flat.

Centralized Location for All Things Laundry

All in all, a custom laundry room gives you a place to separate, pre-treat, wash, dry, fold, and iron your clothing. You won’t have dirty laundry scattered around the house, and clean laundry will be ready to put away by the time it leaves the room. For many families, a custom laundry room is definitely worth the expense involved.

Thinking about putting in your own custom laundry room? Mike Beard of Memphis Garage & Closets recently published a piece titled, DIY vs. Professional Custom Closets. While he was talking about closets, this advice would pertain to laundry rooms, too!

If you are considering having a custom laundry room built in your New Orleans-area home, please contact Bayou Closets for a free consultation.

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