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Seven Design Ideas to Maximize Space in a Small Guest Room

Now that the holiday season is in full swing, many families are trying to conquer various home organization projects, including preparing to host overnight guests. However, for New Orleans homeowners who have guest bedrooms that are on the smaller side, trying to comfortably accommodate a friend or family member (or several) may get a tad tricky.

Thankfully, there are numerous ways that you can decorate a small guest room to maximize space including:

  • Using a Murphy Bed
  • Making Space Around the Bed
  • Decorating with a Small Mirror
  • Getting Rid of Unnecessary Clutter
  • Having a Headboard Double as a Book Shelf
  • Playing with Natural Light
  • Organizing the Closet

Below, you'll learn how each of the ideas above will help you to make the most of your small guest room space.

1. Using a Murphy Bed

If you have a tiny guest room, jamming a large king- or queen-sized bed into may not work. Why not consider installing a murphy bed instead?

This fold-down bed can effortlessly be stored in a vertical space, including a closet, wall, or cabinet. When not in use, your guests can enjoy a spacious room without a bulky bed hindering their movements. Want to know more about the benefits of a murphy bed? Check out Why a Murphy Bed is a Cost-Effective Choice in New Orleans.

Murphy Bed

2. Make Space Around the Bed

If you choose to not go the murphy bed route, give the illusion of more space by moving the bed close to a wall. You can also set it up in the center of the room to create open aisles on both sides of the bed. This will allow your guests to move about more freely and opens up the flow of your guest room.

3. Decorate with a Small Mirror

Tiny mirrors can make a big impact in a small guest room. Hang a gallery of small mirrors on one wall in order to reflect light in different directions. This will make the room appear much larger than it actually is.

Small Wall Mirror

4. Get Rid of Clutter

It can be easy to use your spare room as a catchall for items you don’t use daily. Well before your guests arrive, de-clutter your guest room. Free up floor space by removing unnecessary furniture and open up the drawers and tabletops to get rid of large décor pieces that you don’t use. 

Your guests will thank you when they don’t have to bunk with a bunch of clutter that makes them feel claustrophobic.

5. Have a Headboard Double as a Book Shelf

When it comes to designing your guest room, it’s important to get creative and use every inch of space wisely. This includes having pieces of furniture working double duty.

One way to do this is to transform the headboard into a unique bookshelf. This will eliminate the need for an extra piece of large furniture in the room and create an eye-catching piece that is as functional as it is fabulous.

Headboard With Shelving

6. Play with Natural Light

Just as mirrors can make a small room feel larger, so can natural light. Use the sun’s rays to your advantage when you’re decorating your small guest room. Instead of thick window curtains, use light-colored or sheer ones to allow natural light to spill into the room. Neutral colors also can be used to dramatically open up a small guest room.

7. Organize the Closet

If you have a small guest room, chances are its closet will be even tinier. In order to add space, it’s important to organize the closet. You can easily do this by de-cluttering the closet, using jewelry trays, and choosing functional fixtures. To learn more about closet organization, take some time to read Six Effortless Steps to Organizing Your Custom Closets by Innovative Home Storage

Final Thoughts

While it may seem impossible to make your small guest room larger, these seven decorating hacks will effortlessly maximize the space that you already have.

From using a murphy bed and mirrors to add space to organizing your closet and de-cluttering the room, your guests will feel right at home in their cozy guest room.



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