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The Must-Have Shoe Storage Solutions in New Orleans

From high heels, sneakers and sandals, to boots, flip flops and slippers, no doubt there’s at least one pair of shoes to wear for all the different occasions in your life. The real question is how do you keep all of your shoes organized? Whether you have a large closet or a small one, shoe storage can be made simple with the right accessories or storage systems. With a little bit of creativity and desire, the solutions are abundant.

If you have been struggling to keep your shoes organized, then these shoe storage ideas may be just the thing to shift your shoe chaos into shoe storage heaven!

4 Ingenious Storage Solutions For Optimal Shoe Organization

Small Closet Maximization

If you have a lot of shoes but only a small closet custom shoe storage shelves can optimize your small space. Installing open shelving takes advantage of your vertical space and will increase your storage capacity, making it easy to access your shoes, and other items such as sweaters, accessories and the like. Adjustable shelving will allow you to easily add or move shelves as your storage needs change. Another great idea is using an over-door shoe hanger in your closet as these take up very little space.

Getting the Most Out Of Your Large Closet

If you have a larger closet then you have more options in ways you can organize your shoes.

A customized storage shelf with cubes or slanted shoe shelves will not only display all your shoes beautifully but you can create some personalized style to your closet. You can use top shelves for less frequently worn shoes and your favorite and everyday footwear can be kept within arm’s reach. Another option is to add pull-out basket organizers. If you have a lot of shoes, roll out shelves or drawers will allow for multiple pairs of shoes to be stored on each level.

Look For Other Places To Store Shoes

If you’ve run out of closet space entirely then it’s time to look for other areas in your home where your shoes can be stored. One rarely used, but a great idea, is to place shoes in suitably sized rolling storage containers and slide them under the bed. Your shoes will still be easy to access when you need them and they will be out of the way.

Add Some Style To Your Storage

It doesn’t matter whether it’s the bedroom, entryway, spare room or garage, you can reduce the pile on the floor and create a tidy and attractive shoe organization system with a custom storage system. Custom closet designers have a wealth of customizable storage solutions available in a huge array of colors and styles to suit any tastes - from the funky and thrifty to the sexy and sophisticated - that will add not only functionality but a new dimension to your shoe storage space.

Are you ready to discover how a custom closet designer can transform your shoe storage and organization? Then call the professionals at Bayou Closets today and schedule your FREE In-Home Design Consultation and give your shoes the storage they deserve.

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